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CAN-8 Software Release

Release Version 2014 07 15


  • Existing Database:
    • Existing CAN-8 database (user database, lesson, menu layout, classes, instructors, activity records) are fully compatible with this version of the software. They will not be affected by this update.
  • CAN-8 Client software:
    • The new features (such as Babilon, extended number of classes, etc.. ) added to this client version require that the server files be updated to run.
  • CAN-8 server software:
    • Client versions pre-dating July 2014 will not connect to this version of the server.

In order to install and run this update, your site must have a valid maintenance agreement. You may check your maintenance status by signing on to your system with the MASTER ID and choosing Help->About from the menu bar.

For more information about changes and fixes included in this version of CAN-8, see the Version Release Notes section.

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Release Version:
2014 07 15

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Sites performing a new install of the CAN-8 system should contact support@sounds.com to obtain the server software installation file.

Client software installation instructions 20140715 0.30 Download

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Additional tools and documentation for CAN-8 systems may be found in the tools section of this page.

Release Notes:

The CAN-8 client and server software undergoes constant testing and improvements. When a sufficient number of changes have been made to the software and a period of testing is done, a software release is made available.

The following table describes the more major changes that have been made to the software for this release. All customers are encouraged to update to the latest version to maintain the integrity of their system.

critical Important Minor Enhancement
Change # Description
SV717 Deleting entire classes sometimes left ghost classes in user profiles.
SV716 DMI error when moving main menu Items in some rare cases. Menu file could get corrupted if menu is saved after error apeared.
SV712 Deleting classes from users profile now handled correctly in all cases.
SV698 Exiting the planner without closing accumulated error boxes would eventually crash the client.
SV696 Added support for new JPGs format with missing parts of headers. Importing these files would fail.
SV718a Delete class function would only remove the first 255 students belonging to that class. Other students would show as belonging to unassigned class later on
SV718b Manually deleting a student in a class, then deleting the class may prevent other members from being removed from that class. Could show as belonging to unassigned class later on
SV701 Image format error does not show when invalid file drag/dropped.
SV695 Paste function failed if copying more than one line at a time from a MS Word document with lists.
SV694 Spanish settings for the system supervisor profile would prevent login on previous versions.
SV636 Pressing F11 did not navigate backwards.
SV715 Added support for Vietnamese Rotinonhsonni sans font. Accentuated characters not showing properly.
SV690 Added missing path display in Spanish interface
SV601 Missing spanish translation in item Properties window.
SV714 Classes available on system now raised to 1023 from 255.
SV714 Remote and local online conversation group feature Babilon added.

Changes that were included in the 20131216 release of CAN-8:
SV669 Copy/paste an item into a lesson menu on top copied items would crash the client.
SV675 Program error when copying text from MS Word Table.
SV668 EXPORT > ALL ANSWER generates error if lesson names include a character not allowed in Windows file name convention
SV663 Option EXPORT > ALL ANSWER remained greyed out if the Planner includes only one answer.
SV675 Copy/paste chinese text from Word to CAN-8 would generate unknow characters. Support added for UC2 code
SV675 Cayuga text import from word document was revised.
SV677 Input device detection. Audio drivers are re-initialized when audio input jack lose and regain connection.
SV668 Change drag/drop from a planner to another changed from cut/paste to copy/paste wto prevent data loss.
SV668 New Save/abandon changes option upon Planner exit.
SV660 ntserve - Search for authorization device extended to com16
SV686 New - Import video file from URL. Video can now be linked to a URL from withing an item to be accessible by remote users.
SV689 New - Improved audio quality. Previous CAN-8 clients will not be able to play audio recorded with this version
SV687 New - [refresh class] and [delete class] sections in import files.
SV684 New - License information field under HELP --> About window - MASTER only. Indicates the numbre of permanent licenses the site owns.
SV683 New - Spanish Interface support.

Changes that were included in the 20130731 release of CAN-8:
SV538 Selecting a mark column in a empty tracker generates fatal error in client
SV644 Student program. Client would freeze in write item when text selected and dragged.
SV648 Pasting MSWord table in Planner would abort client program.
SV652 Using mousewheel while selecting items in planner menu causes client to exit.
SV640 Planner would remain in "busy" state if more than 2 users accessed it
SV632 Audio scaling for loud recordings adjusted
SV615 Editing of password field during import would scramble password
SV602 Drag/drop background image refresh fixed
SV587 Report file error count corrected
SV600 Tracker scoring issues resolved
SV601 Partial deletion of overflowing text in Planner displayed incorrectly
SV653 Record button missing when item type changed from Read item to any other item type
SV654 Fixed Tracker Background.
SV624 User property box opens when changing background image.
SV593 Help > About window - Authorization device number sometimes scrambled
SV596 SVSETUP now runs on previously installed identical client for customization purpose.
SV657 New audio speed control
SV658 Planner "Abandon Changes" option restored
SV659 Added support for Henry font RTF import

Changes that were included in the 20121216 release of CAN-8:
SV617 Some menu directory names generated by the system could crash the client. Lesson data loss could occur.
SV614 Menu display would crash the client when menu tag loops were encountered.
SV603 Adding mark columns to empty tracker crashes client.
SV622 Using Pagedown key on empty tracker causes crash.
SV620 Report would show "menu name not available" for existing menus.
SV621 Final score in Tracker was inconsistent in different zoom levels.
SV622 Final score in student interface reviewed.
SV605 Tracker would not exit properly if user exits tracker before it finishes loading.
SV595 Images could not be added to the image selector for backgrounds.
SV591 Large trackers were slow to display if packets were arriving out of order.
SV589 Client unresponsive when message left to students in certain conditions.
SV577 Planner would stay in waiting mode if network experienced excessive packet loss.
SV629 Renaming item in Planner menu failed when followed by right click.
SV590 Horizontal scroll bar missing in tracker after zoom change.
SV594 French support updated
SV588 Import.rep file was not consistent with report in interface window.
SV618 Ability to remove students from classes now possible with import file.
SV619 New Silent option for SVSETUP.

Changes that were included in the previous release of CAN-8:
SV561 Lessons with a missing USERS directory may crash the tracker when items clicked on.
SV583 Simultaneous use of planner on multiple stations with the same lesson may result in lesson corruption.
SV577 Server re-login timeout adjusted for same ID/IP login.
SV585 Changing menu item names with tabs open causes duplicate tabs.
SV574 User list available in phone would occasionally show wrong login time.
SV554 Aborted login does not let user sign back on immediately.
SV534 Menu item names made entirely of spaces are no longer allowed.
SV566 Export student answers dialog in tracker did not always show in Windows 7.
SV573 Inherited classes did not show when student is registered by an instructor.
SV581 Sound graph in phone did not always clear.
SV591 Out of order packets caused tracker to be slow to load student data.
SV575 User timeout not kept active when dialog box tabs clicked on.
SV556 Available item count in planner incorrect when dropping items into a nearly full plan.
SV568 French language support included.
SV503 Auto-install program customizable for re-distribution.
SV503 Auto-install program made available.

All sites with a current maintenance agreement should download and install this updated version as soon as possible.

If you do not have a maintenance agreement, you may contact your CAN-8 representative, or Sounds Virtual directly to purchase one.

Be aware that critical errors are fixed in this update and although customers are free to update their software at any time, all customers are encouraged to update their systems as soon as possible. The repair of any errors or data corruption caused on the customers system by not using this most recent version will be chargeable by Sounds Virtual, even if the customer has a maintenance agreement in place.

Additional Tools

To setup and administer a CAN-8 system some additional files and utilities may be needed. If you cannot find the files you need you should contact Sounds Virtual Support and request them.

Description Version Size (MB) OS English Franšais
USB driver for security authorization device 2.20 All (32 & 64 bit) Download

CAN-8 as a service utilities and instructions 2014 06 30 2.20 All (32 & 64 bit) Download

For CAN-8 support, enquiries regarding the purchase of the software or to purchase/renew a maintenance agreement, please contact:


or call us at

416 968 7155 # 502
or toll free anywhere in North America
1 855 305 9937 #502