Introducing Sounds Originals – A new digital residency featuring a select group of musical trailblazers, including Diplo, Richie Hawtin, and Junkie XL. Tap into a rich collection of their signature sounds, and make them your own.
"I love to collaborate and trade ideas – that’s the best way to learn. I’m excited to spark some new collaboration with music makers across the globe through Sounds Originals." - DIPLO
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Stoke your creative fire with the third Sounds Originals release from acclaimed DJ and producer Diplo. Tap into the complex rhythms of Malian djembe and Senegalese sabar and explore bold new samples from scorching synths and smoldering bass lines to lush lo-fi guitar tones that channel the heat and expanse of the Sahara Desert. Get 'Diplo’s Lazer Flame', exclusively at
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We sat down with Diplo at his home studio in California to have an intimate conversation about creativity, music, and how he crafted his signature sound.

From Producer to Producer

What could you do with new sounds from genre-defining artists? Build your next tracks with one-shots and loops from musical pioneers Diplo, Richie Hawtin, Junkie XL, Robot Koch, Catnapp, and more, coming soon.
"Whether you’re assembling a new dance track or 
scoring the next Hollywood blockbuster, you need 
inspiration… By sharing my sounds and techniques 
as part of the Sounds Originals series, my hope is 
that I can give music makers around the world a 
source of inspiration, and even a glance at my 
approach, which will hopefully help spark some 
truly creative results." - Junkie XL
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Put your scores into overdrive with a pack that captures the energy and vibe of Junkie XL’s most exciting film scores.
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Junkie XL explains his process to creating his cinematic-inspired Sounds Originals pack, perfect for your next song, game soundtrack, or film score.
"I selected a bunch of sounds that I then polished and turned into new loops, new synths, and new vocal ideas." - Catnapp
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Dig your claws into 136 loops and samples ranging from dirty, overdriven beats and destroyed, pitch-bending tones to mellow synth pads and one-shot vocal phrases.
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Catnapp explains her process for creating Emotional Drive, and the inspiration that fuels her signature sound.
"For my pack I tried to create something I would find useful myself as a producer. I don’t take the sound as it is - I slice it up, I take one little moment from it, run it through an effects chain, run it through some pedals, and make it my own. I’m offering a pack that has both some ready-made sounds that can create inspiration for a song, and creates a lot of texture and little soundbites that you can isolate." - Robot Koch
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Award-winning composer and producer Robot Koch brings his unique blend of electronic and organic textures to Sounds Originals. With of a mixture of ready-made sounds and evocative elements, this collection of one-shots and loops gives inspiring new ingredients for crafting your own signature sound.
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We sat down with Robot Koch at his home studio in California to have an intimate conversation about his new album, space, and his thought process behind his sound pack.

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Download additional sound packs from artists such as Set Mo, Bryan-Michael Cox, LaTroit, Ski Beatz, Hank Shocklee, DJ Nelson, Nottz, Pig&Dan, Sweatson Klank, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kid Capri, BT, CRL CRRLL, and Michael Brun.